Calling All Artists!

This is an open call for artists to participate in the creation of a mural for the upcoming Jersey City Mural Festival! The festival will be held on June 5 & 6, with painting beginning between June 1-5. We are searching for multiple artists to both design a concept for and execute a mural. This call is open to all local artists.

Paint and supplies will be the responsibility of the artist.

Design Theme

Open to artist(s)’s style. No depictions of violence, nudity, drugs, or crime.

Artist Eligibility

  • Demonstrated ability and technical knowledge required to execute a mural on a large-scale
  • Prior experience; must have painted or assisted with murals or other artwork at a significant scale
  • Must have proficiency with working on boom and scissor lifts

Artist Responsibilities

  • Artist must execute the design within 10 days of the project start date
  • Executed work must be true to submitted concept design

Selection Criteria

  • Artistic excellence
  • Unique design and high visual impact
  • Content appropriate for all audiences
  • Strength to which proposal conveys design theme

How to Apply

Submit the following:

  1. One (1) digital design
  2. Up to five (5) images of your largest completed solo murals/or largest scale pieces of work
  3. An artist Statement
  4. A proposal Statement

Submit your application in a single PDF to

Deadline to Apply

Please submit all required documentation no later than Wednesday, May 19th at 9am.

Late submissions will not be considered.